dragon age fanart

Two video game characters I have drawn, using a very 1970s fantasy novel colour palette. My Hawke is a very tall person with light brown skin and short dark hair and an Adam’s apple, wearing Cool Fantasy Armour from the game that is all straps and buckles. It doesn’t make sense. The other character, Lavellan, is a short little elf with darker brown skin, some pale facial tattoos, and they are wearing more of a military uniform. Both characters look extremely unimpressed at something off screen.
heartbreaking: the worst people you know (2021)

I played a lot of Dragon Ages throughout 2020-2021 through lockdown and surgery recovery. This is Animorphs Hawke and Twilight Newmoon Lavellan.

It’s imperative that nobody tries to figure out how the straps and buckles on fantasy armour actually work.