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  • intersectional hardhat

    This is an illustration for a client in 2018, who made fun of it at the time for being “too intersectional.” But that’s what unions are all about—touch one, touch all!

    an illustration of a bright yellow safety hard hat, nicknamed by my old coworkers "the intersectional hard hat." On the side of it are stickers: a long one reading "we are union," a rainbow sticker, an Aboriginal flag sticker, and a sticker that is meant to look like Stop Adani branding (but vague enough to not violate copyright or affiliate the organisation with Stop Adani). It's a colourful and friendly looking drawing!

    Usage note: If any comrades wanna use this (for union purposes, or just to hang on their wall) you don’t need to ask me for permission. Go, with my blessing!

  • christmas 2016

    An illustration of my graphic novel characters, Henry (a trans man) Electra (a trans woman), and Cooper (a nonbinary person), in various stages of undress on the back verandah of a weatherboard house. It’s decorated for Christmas. Everyone is sweating, and Electra is holding a glass of water that’s dripping with condensation. Between you and me, I would describe the atmosphere as “lightly horny”
    christmas 2016: no aircon in the sharehouse (2021)

    Believe it or not, drawing sweaty trans people is the meaning of Christmas 🧑‍🎄

  • dragon age fanart

    Two video game characters I have drawn, using a very 1970s fantasy novel colour palette. My Hawke is a very tall person with light brown skin and short dark hair and an Adam’s apple, wearing Cool Fantasy Armour from the game that is all straps and buckles. It doesn’t make sense. The other character, Lavellan, is a short little elf with darker brown skin, some pale facial tattoos, and they are wearing more of a military uniform. Both characters look extremely unimpressed at something off screen.
    heartbreaking: the worst people you know (2021)

    I played a lot of Dragon Ages throughout 2020-2021 through lockdown and surgery recovery. This is Animorphs Hawke and Twilight Newmoon Lavellan.

    It’s imperative that nobody tries to figure out how the straps and buckles on fantasy armour actually work.

  • You Are The Only Person Like You For Miles

    A very small figure in the middle of washed out Australian farm paddocks looks up, looking very alone.
    You Are The Only Person Like You For Miles (2022)

    A Trans Day of Visibility pre-transition self portrait of where I was at, at around November 2016.

    I really have zero patience for shallow cis “what’s a pronoun?” engagement on days like TDoV. But I do find it meaningful to think about how far I’ve come, and reaffirm with other trans people that we exist, and we will keep existing together, hand in hand 🏳️‍⚧️

  • space fashion turnarounds (2022)

    Fashion turnarounds for the space rivals, and yep, the colour schemes ARE implying she stole their gun.

  • uh oh, captured again!

    A bright illustration with a vintage sci fi colour scheme. A sexy alien lady leans over an astronaut whose helmet is off. They’re is sitting on the ground, looking overwhelmed, and she is touching their neck. When I say sexy alien lady I did draw her in a very skimpy outfit and a full harness (complete with empty O ring for uhhh, attachments) and high heels. That’s feminism, baby!
    I think the captain is mind controlled (2022)

    I looked at a lot of pulp sci fi art and wanted to draw something with unrealistic space suits and sexy aliens!! So I have zero concept of who these characters are, just that they are arch rivals in space… and maybe that’s enough 😌💁🚀

  • community

    a group of queer people of multiple genders and representing different ethnicities, disabilities, and ages
    LGBTIQA+ demographics web banner for client (2021)

    Every now and then I get to sit down and draw as many kinds of people as I can at once. It’s my favourite kind of gig.

  • love, protect, and fight for your child self 🏳️‍⚧️ (2021)

    a trans woman holds a flag behind a ghostly figure of herself as a child
    love, protect, and fight for your child self 🏳️‍⚧️ (2021)

    I drew this when we were waiting for the federal Religious Discrimination Bill and the NSW Education Bill to be debated in 2021.

    I was tired and wondering where my community’s energy to fight comes from. Many trans people are haunted by our pre-transition selves—these closeted younger versions of us who needed love and protection desperately, but who nobody fought for. We survived, and we are fighting for them now.

    * I drew this for a one-off work event. If you have anything you want to use it for, drop me a line! I don’t think I should keep something like this just for myself.