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  • Michael’s Very Special OC’s

    A throuple—a bisexual white man, a Nigerian genderfluid person, and a Chinese woman, dancing together and smiling at each other. They’re surrounded by love hearts and stars and musical notes. The man is dipping his genderfluid partner low so that the woman can kiss them. Michael Leunig? Get fucked, mate

    On 5 July 2021, Melbourne was having a little break between lockdowns and conservative nightmareman Michael Leunig released yet another deeply weird antivax cartoon in The Age. It had his usual racist, homophobic undertones, but also… what did it mean?

    Leunig's cartoony screed reads: "he was a white astra zeneca bisexual buddhist from melbourne who voted labor and followed the tigers. She was a Chinese pfizer heterosexual christian from sydney who voted liberal and followed the swans. They hooked up with a partly-vaccinated, gender-fluid Nigerian atheist from brisbane who hated football and voted for the nationals. The threesome fell in love and they all lived together happily ever after... for about three months. end of story." the concluding panel is of the three people dancing together. They look earnestly very happy.
    I would apologise for sharing this but I think we’re honestly still all very confused by it.

    Since it was winter, and the man is reprehensible, and lockdowns, etc, I was willing to indulge my worst impulses.

    my tweet reading "setting myself a deadline to do some fanart of this by the end of the day" replying to a tweet that reads "what does this mean" while showing the leunig comic.
    A tweet by me that reads, "It’s not hard to be a better person OR a better cartoonist than Michael Leunig ⭐️🎶🌙💖" over the illustration that I described at the top.

    It frustrates me deeply that Fairfax is still publishing him as though nobody else could do what he does. Our country is chockablock full of much funnier, much more talented, much less hateful and more generous cartoonists.

    Also, those other cartoonists’ sisters (content warning for childhood sex abuse in link) haven’t gone on the record about their childhood abuse. He is a reprehensible man. Let’s all get out there and draw better stuff than he does.

  • dragon age fanart

    Two video game characters I have drawn, using a very 1970s fantasy novel colour palette. My Hawke is a very tall person with light brown skin and short dark hair and an Adam’s apple, wearing Cool Fantasy Armour from the game that is all straps and buckles. It doesn’t make sense. The other character, Lavellan, is a short little elf with darker brown skin, some pale facial tattoos, and they are wearing more of a military uniform. Both characters look extremely unimpressed at something off screen.
    heartbreaking: the worst people you know (2021)

    I played a lot of Dragon Ages throughout 2020-2021 through lockdown and surgery recovery. This is Animorphs Hawke and Twilight Newmoon Lavellan.

    It’s imperative that nobody tries to figure out how the straps and buckles on fantasy armour actually work.

  • Dune (1965)

    Dune illustrations for Going Down Swinging (2021)

  • curse of strahd

    My Dungeons and Dragons character is a really fragile bard with a really low wisdom score. I’ve started keeping a tally in my notebook of all the times he’s reached zero hit points.

    We’re playing the module with a vampire in it.